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SELACACI Holds Monthly Heatload Workshops

At the Heatload Workshop in April, Kenny Ripberger demonstrates the use of computerized heatload programs for contractors and a City official.

WHEN   First Wednesday of the Month, 6:00 p.m.  —  In order to provide a way for HVAC contractors to learn skills using heatload software and to improve sizing calculations, SELACACI has been hosting monthly gatherings on this subject.

WHERE   Delgado Community College’s Jefferson Campus, 5200 Blair Dr., Metairie (off Airline Hwy. west of Transcontinental), Building B, Room 2.

Personalized orientation, skill-development, and problem-solving involving Computerized Heatload Analysis.  This is a regular event held on the First Tuesday of every month.  Free help & advice — Take advantage of this while it’s available.


SELACACI members are encouraged to voice their opinion on potential upcoming programs. The survey can be returned by mail, by emailing it to, or by faxing it to 985-781-8158.

Notices of meetings will be:

  1. announced by email
  2. posted on this website, and
  3. when possible, announced in HVAC Insider LA/MS, which typically is posted online (or mailed to subscribers) during the third week of the month.

SELACACI wishes to be inclusive of contractors who don’t normally use email. Please let us know if notification by phone is truly needed.

We welcome your suggestions and participation. For more information, email or call (504) 488-2412.

SELACACI’s Board invites your input & ideas as it develops its upcoming programs.

STAY TUNED to — for details & confirmation of upcoming programs.

SELACACI trainings are normally held at the Local 60 (Plumber’s Hall) in Metairie on mid-week evenings.

New participants should also send in the Membership Form (required Disclosure Statement), to save time at the meeting.


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Tues.,  Nov. 15, 2016  —  “The Whole House Big Picture – HVAC Contractors at the Center of Buildings + Liability”

Ron HughesRecent new requirements by the national Energy Code have demanded the attention of contractors and officials. In Louisiana, there was an initial enforcement response, but actual effect in the field remains unclear.  Ron Hughes is well qualified to address contractor concerns about the Energy Code from the perspective of business liability in whole house HVAC design and installation – regardless of whether any particular version of the Energy Code is enforced or not.  He understands how contractors can and should protect themselves – by encouraging valid Air Leakage Testing of Ductwork and Structures – in order to be able to truly “right-size” a/c systems.

One practical take-away from this class will be a better understanding of Ventilation systems – when and how they should be installed, regardless of what the Mechanical Code technically requires or allows. Foam-insulated houses, combustion back-drafting, sweating ducts – all the “hot-button” topics in today’s tighter construction practices – are fair game for this talk.  Bring your hardest questions and worst case studies:  You’ll get “straight-talk” from Ron, and you won’t regret inviting your favorite builder, realtor or appraiser – not to mention your lawyer!  Ron speaks to the nitty-gritty of field judgment calls, which are necessary every day in a/c work, while also sharing his appreciation of the implications of bad decisions.  Come if you can!

Ron Hughes, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, has worked in residential energy efficiency for 30 years and is known nationally for his leadership in the Home Energy Rating industry. He teaches Home Performance-related classes at Pulaski Technical College to the Trades, and Continuing Education classes for Real Estate agents and Appraisers. His practical field experience informs his advice to governmental entities, and his work in the Arkansas Energy Office helped spawn the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).  Ron is a certified RESNET Home Energy Rater, Rater Trainer and Quality Assurance Designee.  His company, HERS, Inc. has energy-rated over a thousand homes, including ratings for Tax Credits, Energy Star® Homes, and 2009 IECC code compliance.  Ron is involved with various private sector green-building programs, and also works with public housing, multi-family, and accessibility issues in the governmental context.  Among various other associations, Ron is a member of the Arkansas Home Builders Association and serves on the Green Building Committee of the Homebuilders Association for Greater Little Rock.  He has held an Arkansas Class B HVACR license.

WHEN:  Tues.,  Nov. 15, 2016 — 5:30 pm – Food / 6-8 – Program

WHERE:  Local 60 – Plumbers Hall, 3515 N. I-10 Service Rd W (at Severn Ave.), Metairie

Please note:  Advance registration on-line is $20 (plus a $1.49 processing fee) until midnight the day before the event.  Students and Code Officials can register for $10 (plus a $1.24 processing fee).

Payment will only be taken at the door on the day of the event.  The price is $30 on the day of the event — by cash, check, or credit card.

If you would prefer to register in advance by mail, please send a check for $20 to SELACACI, P.O. Box 791722, New Orleans, LA 70179.

Code Officials & Home Inspectors can use CEU credits from SELACACI programs as applicable for their professional purposes.  Builders, architects, insulation contractors & others are always welcome.  Please help us spread the word so that these volunteer-organized programs can have maximum educational impact.


Tues., Oct. 11, 2016  —  “What You Don’t Know About Manual J”

Prof. Kenneth Ripberger, Delgado Community College’s HVAC Dept. Chair, will present “What You Don’t Know About Manual J” — emphasizing aspects of heatload calculations that most contractors typically overlook or otherwise should pay more attention to. These calculations are increasingly being demanded by enforcement authorities.

WHEN:  Tues.,  Oct. 11, 2016 — 5:30 pm – Food / 6-8 – Program

WHERE:  Local 60 – Plumbers Hall, 3515 N. I-10 Service Rd W (at Severn Ave.), Metairie


LSU’s LaHouse Home & Landscape Resource Center, based in Baton Rouge, is an excellent resource on construction topics for our Hot Humid Climate.  LaHouse offered trainings in September 2016 on:

September 27-28, 2016 — Louisiana has adopted the 2009 IRC energy code and Certified Verifiers are needed statewide.  LaHouse now offers the Southface Energy Institute Duct & Envelope Tightness (DET) Verifier Training and Certification.

Click here for info, fees and to register.

September 27-29, 2016  —  Tight ducts + tight buildings:  good for clients & for you!  What could go wrong?  Gain insights at HVAC for Home Performance to avoid problems in efficient homes.  Includes DET Verifier Certification.

NEW reduced fee!

Click here for info, fees and to register or visit the LaHouse Resource Center website to explore all scheduled Seminars and Events.

Click Here for More Information.

Contractors can apply to Louisiana’s Incumbent Worker Training Program for full tuition reimbursement (see for these classes.  (To qualify, contractors must be paying unemployment taxes on the employees, and the workers must have been on the job at least 6 months.)

1)  Duct & Envelope Testing (DET) Verifier – Certification Classes (2 days) — a hands-on way to learn how to provide the testing now required by the ’09 Energy Code. Classes on:  Sept. 27-28, 2016Click here for info, fees and to register.

Download a PDF with a description of the classes.

2)  “HVAC for Home Performance” (3 days) — Includes DET training, as well as a more in-depth understanding of how HVAC issues impact overall building performance. Classes on:  Sept. 27-29, 2016Click here for info, fees and to register.

Download a PDF with a description of the classes.


Tues., Sept. 20, 2016  —  “Duct Airflow Diagnostics & Combustion Air”

Kenny Robért of Robért Refrigeration (New Orleans) and Barry Couvillion of Lightning Service (Metairie) — our local “K&B Team” — will fill in for the Baton Rouge area speakers who were previously scheduled but who need to deal with the Flood Disaster at this time.

The “K&B” presentation will focus on similar topics:   Duct Airflow Diagnostics and Combustion Air issues — how to deal with basic field problems and how to design and install systems to function safely and efficiently.  The “K&B” instructors are always available for questions, and their presentation will set the stage for when speakers from Louisiana’s Weatherization Program are free to come describe the cutting-edge work that their program pursues on a daily basis.

Kenneth J. Robért, Sr. has over forty years experience in the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration field. His expertise is in the design, installation and service of a/c, refrigeration and control systems in residential and light commercial applications. In 1984, he became half-owner of Robért Refrigeration Service, Inc. and has been a leader in the La. Heat Pump Association for decades.

Barry Couvillion has been in the a/c business since going to college for it in 1973, has been an officer and NATE instructor for the La. Heat Pump Association for many years, and has been studying whole house science as a founding member of the National Comfort Institute since 1996.

Both Kenny and Barry have also served on SELACACI’s Board since its inception, and they have contributed enormously to the organization.

WHEN:  Tues., Sept. 20, 2016  —  5:30 pm – Food / 6-8 – Program

WHERE:  Local 60 – Plumbers Hall, 3515 N. I-10 Service Rd W (at Severn Ave.), Metairie

"HVAC: The 'Heart & Soul' of EPA's Energy Star Program"

Tues., March 15, 2016“HVAC: The ‘Heart & Soul’ of EPA’s Energy Star Program”

Newly streamlined, the national Energy Star for Homes program is taking off again locally.  Come learn how to get on ACCA’s (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) or another list of qualified contractors; review the Energy Star HVAC Checklist; and start integrating these items into your routine, so you’ll be prepared when “opportunity knocks.”

Presentation by Sharla Riead of Hathmore Technologies & Accurate Rater Network, Kansas City, Missouri.

WHEN:  Tues., March 15, 20165:30 pm – Food / 6-8 – Program

WHERE:  Local 60 – Plumbers Hall, 3515 N. I-10 Service Rd W (at Severn Ave.), Metairie

Code Officials & Home Inspectors can use CEU credits from SELACACI programs as applicable for their professional purposes.  Builders, architects, insulation contractors & others are always welcome.  Please help us spread the word so that these volunteer-organized programs can have maximum educational impact.


Weds. Feb. 17, 2016 — “Intro to Duct and Envelope Tightness (DET)”

LaHouse Resource Center (LSU AgCenter) will present a 3-hour seminar that has been boiled down from Southface Energy Institute’s 2-day course, which will be available for Contractor Certification by LSU AgCenter  at various times in the coming months.  Highly illustrated with how-to images and photos, the class is designed to help Louisiana residential contractors:

  • know and achieve requirements of Louisiana’s new energy efficiency code (2009 IRC Energy-Efficiency Chapter 11 and related parts of 2012 Mechanical Code, as amended),
  • be familiar with alternative ways to comply and verify,
  • understand basic moisture and air quality implications to avoid problems,
  • be aware of “best practices” to achieve the new requirements or surpass them, and
  • get objective answers to questions, based upon hot-humid climate building science.

Presented by Dr. Claudette Reichel and Paul LaGrange,  the class will start promptly and earlier than usual, given the 3-hour time-frame.

Builders will receive 3 CEU credits for attending.

“Build it Tight and Ventilate it Right” — How the 2009 Energy Code Can Positively Impact HVAC Contractors

Weds. Jan. 27, 2016 “Build it Tight and Ventilate it Right” How the 2009 Energy Code Can Positively Impact HVAC Contractors

Rick-Kincel-Coburns-instructor-LafayetteCoburn Supply’s Technical Trainer, Rick Kincel, will focus on HVAC equipment sizing and comfort, types of heating, ventilation, and exhaust issues, etc. in this update of his “Spray Foam Home” talk. Insulation industry colleagues are invited.

Click here to register now for Jan. 27 Training, or mail check for $20 advance registration to the SELACACI, P.O. Box 791722, New Orleans, LA 70179. Register online for $20, plus a $1.49 processing fee, until midnight the day before the event, or register in person on the day of the event for $30.

SELACACI trainings are normally held at the Plumber’s Hall in Metairie on mid-week evenings; the January 27 training will be hosted by the UNO College of Engineering at the UNO Engineering Hall on the Lakefront Campus in New Orleans.

UNO Engineering Building

UNO’s Engineering Auditorium, Room 101, 2000 Lakeshore Drive, New Orleans.
The Engineering Building is #12 on the map.

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“Hands-On at LaHouse for HVAC & Building Professionals”

Reichel_Claudette2010DSCF7097_w200Wed. Nov. 18 — SELACACI will host a Tour of Louisiana House (LaHouse) by Dr. Claudette Reichel, Louisiana’s preeminent building science expert. This demonstration house (built with your tax money on the LSU campus in Baton Rouge) features many HVAC-relevant exhibits & offers great resources for contractors and consumers. It’s a “must-see” for builders & home performance professionals!   Click here to register online.

LaHouse_drawing_w400We anticipate a 3-hour program on the latest HVAC & Energy issues demonstrated at LaHouse, with the state’s top building scientist as tour guide, available to answer your questions.


Tues., Oct. 20, 2015 — Training by Mark Roberts, local representative for the International Code Council, on “Significant Changes to the International Mechanical Code & International Fuel Gas Code”


Wed. Sept. 30, 2015 — Training by Rick Kincel, Coburn Supply’s Technical Trainer, on “Airflow & Duct Sizing Calculations


UNO College of EngineeringThursday, May 7, 2015“Mini-Splits & Variable Speed Units”
UNO Engineering Hall, Lakefront Campus, New Orleans
Allison Bailes of Energy Vanguard (Louisiana native now Atlanta-based) has achieved “rock star” status in the field of energy rating & home performance, through his wit & hard work over several decades. Those interested in being added to Allison’s entertaining listserv can sign up via the website: Allison consistently provides enjoyable ways to keep up with developments in this dynamic field, addressing mechanical topics from a “whole house” perspective.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015“Local Code Enforcement Q&A — Duct Testing & Beyond . . .”
Local 60, Plumbers Hall, 3515 N. I-10 Service Rd W (at Severn Ave.), Metairie
Mark Roberts of the International Code Council (ICC) will review the Mechanical & Energy Code changes (including Louisiana’s amendments to them) — and the tireless “K&B Team” (Kenny Robért & Barry Couvillion) will provide another demonstration & opportunity for Q&A – in light of the new requirement for duct leakage testing of all newly installed systems beginning Jan. 1, 2015. Area code enforcement authorities are invited to report on how their jurisdictions are responding to the new requirements.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015“Fire Concerns for Contractors & Homeowners”
Local 60, Plumbers Hall, 3515 N. I-10 Service Rd W (at Severn Ave.), Metairie
Topics include: 1) Lightning hazard from Flexible Gas Lines that run through furnaces — a common & easily-fixed code violation that merits more attention – to be addressed by Sidney Chaisson, veteran Baton Rouge-based Home Inspector; 2) Electrical, Gas, & Other Fire Hazards for contractors to avoid & correct; and 3) Spray Foam & Combustion Gas Issues (Update on previous Fire Marshall / LSUCCC hearings on this subject?). Given the recent deaths from house fires in our area, public attention is encouraged.
Trent Naquin — Veteran A/C Contractor, VFD Member & EMR, Labadieville
Sidney Chaisson — Professional Engineer & Home Inspector, Baton Rouge
Paul LaGrange — Building Science Professional, Mandeville
Walter Oliveaux — Professional Fire Investigator, St. Francisville

The Oct. 29 Code Changes program is critical for contractors to stay abreast of the fast-moving code process in Louisiana lately.  Jan. 1, 2015 is when various new requirements kick in.  Be sure to stay ahead of the game!


Audrey Evans, Secretary
Dusty Goforth, President
Barry Hays, Vice President

The Oct. 2 Radiant Barrier program is important for our climate zone, & will be conducted by the foremost researcher on the subject nationally.  Radiant Barrier is by no means a new material, but now there are many types of radiant barrier products that can be used in various ways to reduce solar heat gain (& heatloads) on buildings.  It has been misunderstood over time, but actually is fairly simple & versatile in how it works & interacts with different insulation types.  Building owners would benefit from knowing more about this low-cost & low-risk material.  A/C contractors & others can help their clients by educating them about radiant barrier, in new construction as well as retrofit applications.

Medina Training 10-02-2014

Download flyer

SELACACI’s Spring 2014 trainings were very successful, with 106 & 77 in attendance, respectively, for Dr. Reichel’s “Building Science Insights” and the “Duct Leakage Testing” trainings.

Class:   “Basic B.S. (Building Science) Insights for Spray Foam, HVAC, and Moisture
Taught by:  Dr. Claudette Reichel, LSU AgCenter (Baton Rouge)
Description: Dr. Reichel is the “go-to” academic expert for questions of high performance construction in Louisiana’s hot-humid-hurricane climate.  She has a great sense of humor & also knows her stuff.  She offers answers to the prevailing confusion on the critical interactions of Spray Foam, Moisture and HVAC, by providing basic understandings of the “house as a system” to help connect the dots & avoid problems.
Date:   Wednesday March 19, 2014

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Kenny Robért and Barry CouvillionClass:   “Duct Leakage Testing”
Taught by:  Barry Couvillion (Lightning Service Inc.) & Kenny Robért (Robért Refrigeration), the “K&B Team”
Description:  Demonstration of Duct Testing — a service that will be in higher demand in new construction as soon as Louisiana’s Code Council moves forward with the requirements of the 2009 Energy Code.
Date:   Wednesday May 14, 2014

Previous Training Modules

Barry Couvillion conductiong the Training Session: Whole House Generators: How to Avoid Problems from Improper Installation & Use.

  • “Duct Training (Redux)”
  • “Home Performance Contracting for A/C Companies”
  • “2013 Code Changes to IMC, IFGC, and IRC Mechanical Sections”
  • “Whole House Generators: How to Avoid Problems from Improper Installation & Use”
  • “R-22 Regulatory Update & Refrigerant Options”
  • “Guidelines for the Foam Home”
  • “Building Science Basics for the HVAC Technician”
  • “Residential Energy Conservation 2009 Energy Code”
  • “Significant Changes to the International Residential Code 2009”
  • “Gas Heating Codes and Regulations: How To Keep Your Butt Out of Trouble”
  • “Review of the HCFC Final Phaseout Rules: Replacing R22 Systems With R410A”
  • “Best Installation Practices for Code Compliance”
  • “Understanding, Troubleshooting, and Diagnosing Airflow Problems”
  • “Insulating with Spray Foam”
  • “Gas Heat Venting, Piping, & Combustion”
  • “Basic Fundamentals of Air Flow”
  • “Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program”
  • “Duct Leakage”
  • “Foam Forum for Contractors”
  • “Foam Forum for Home Owners”
  • “Best Installation Practices for the A/C Contractor”